TheServerSide Java Symposium

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Java is everywhere, but it's not always Java as we know it.

Enterprise application environments today are hybrid landscapes. To prosper, Java professionals need to know exactly how to leverage their Java-based skills in these diverse and amalgamated terrains.

The decision is no longer whether you need a JVM, or whether you need Java. Instead, your critical questions are “Where is the JVM?” and “In how many different ways is Java being used in our enterprise?” JVMs are now running bytecode that was generated from scripting languages; Jython and JRuby continue to gain in popularity; and functional languages like Scala are getting more and more play.

TheServerSide Java Symposium 2011 is where architects, developers and managers need to be in order to gain the knowledge and Java-based skills required to excel in the mixed application environments of today and tomorrow.

Solid, stable and entrenched, Java is a dominant force in the programming world. Java is pervasive, and its diverse usage makes refreshing skills a must for Java pros. Advanced Java-based skills are required in today’s complex and/or hybrid development environments, not simply the standard Java coding techniques taught in college. For example, do you know how to manage and maintain your hybrid Java environment? Are you completely assured when developing and managing applications in cloud environments? Have you adapted to Agile development’s collaboration-centric, short iteration and fast-paced model? Do you have the skills needed to adapt to more centralized application development and management models?

The expert speakers at TheServerSide Java Symposium 2011 give you the know-how to answer all those questions in the affirmative. They show you how to leverage Java effectively to make the most out of the hybrid enterprise environments, new development methodologies and new service delivery and management platforms. They also provide real-world examples and trend perspective Java pros need to know where Java is today, where it should be and where it’s going.

As an attendee of TheServerSide Java Symposium 2011, you learn how Java has matured into the language that holds heterogeneous enterprise applications, solutions and environments together. You experience software industry experts, users and peers sharing their experiences with modern Java-only and Java hybrid enterprise environments. Furthermore, you hear and network with respected industry insiders, who will provide their insights into how Java has become the key to the modern enterprise mix, and how Java will become the language of transition in the future.

TheServerSide Java Symposium Tracks Include:

The third week of March is just around the corner. And this year we have a maximum seating capacity for Vegas to ensure an effective learning experience with plenty of time to meet one-on-one with expert speakers, i.e. your own private consulting session.

There are also ample opportunities to network with like-minded peers from around the world who are up against the same challenges you may be facing – a perfect chance to share success stories and lessons learned in a relaxed setting where you’re not just another face in the crowd. We’ll bend over backwards to ensure these are the 3 most productive days you spend out of the office all year. In fact, we GUARANTEE IT or your money back. No questions asked.

So don’t get shut out – register early, we really want you there! With over 40 technical sessions and more than 35 top presenters who’ll be converging for the first time ever in 2011 to reveal the little-known tips, tricks, tactics and techniques that your projects demand, well, that’s what makes this the most cost-effective opportunity for in 2011…one that can’t be found anywhere else at any price. Period. Apply today and we’ll see you in Vegas!

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Editorial Keynote Speakers

James Gosling, Keynote Speaker at TheServerSide Java Symposium
James Gosling
Father of the Java programming language

Steve Harris, Keynote Speaker at TheServerSide Java Symposium
Steve Harris
Senior VP, Application Server Development, Oracle

Rod Johnson, Keynote Speaker at TheServerSide Java Symposium
Rod Johnson
Creator of the Spring Framework

Adam Messinger, Keynote Speaker at TheServerSide Java Symposium
Adam Messinger
VP, Development in the Fusion Middleware Group, Oracle

Sponsored Keynote Speakers

Jerome Dochez, Speaker at TheServerSide Java Symposium
Jerome Dochez
GlassFish Architect, Oracle



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