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Letter from the Editor

Welcome to TheServerSide Java Symposium conference! Join myself, experts from TheServerSide.com, contributors and members of TheServerSide.com community in Las Vegas in March to hear today's leading Java experts and insiders reveal the latest trends in Java development, how they apply to your daily work, and how you can leverage this knowledge for your company and your career.

If you are looking for insights on the future of Java, our keynotes speakers deliver clarity and insight into how the platform is being managed. They include discussion on how Java is growing beyond the standard Sun based APIs, insight into open source technologies and access to cloud base resources that have pushed modern application development. Stay tuned for news about top Java leaders to keynote on Java's future, Spring, and rising languages.

Our focus at TheServerSide Java Symposium 2011 is providing you with the right environment to network and interact with peers and our expert speakers. Java experts are readily accessible in informal settings to provide advice that you can’t get anyplace else on your specific questions.

The 2011 symposium in Las Vegas reaches, as always, beyond the server side realm and provides insight into a variety of Java centric technologies, ranging from client side application development techniques, to application development on handheld devices using JavaFX and Android. Our research shows that that the vast majority of you also spend a great deal of time working with peripheral Java technologies and languages, and we want to meet your growing needs there as well.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at TheServerSide Java Symposium. My colleagues and I are making every effort to ensure that the technical program and conference structure meet the needs of Java developers working to build better applications faster.

Cameron McKenzie
Editor, TheServerSide.com


Top 10 Reasons to Attend

10. Community-driven topics: Our sessions are focused on topics that you’ve said are relevant and important to you – through your participation in TheServerSide.com community, through survey results, and through individual conversations with many of you.

9. Content-focused tracks: The Java Symposium’s agenda was designed to give developers and architects practical skills, while providing a forum for forward-thinking discussions that will advance the platform, your developing, and your career. There are sessions across 6 tracks: Core Java, Architecture, Language, Tools & Techniques, Agile and Cloud.

8. Recognized expertise: The speaker lineup at the Java Symposium features over 30 of the most respected thought leaders of the Java community. Get the facts, and the realistic prospects for technology evolution. No other show gives you such an opportunity for vendor-independent, useable information.

7. Visionary keynotes: The keynote sessions are delivered by recognized industry leaders renowned for their ability to convey overarching visions of the state of the industry and important trends. The keynote presentations being confirmed right now are selected to be both engaging and inspirational. Keep checking back as we will post more details soon.

6. Real world solutions: Top enterprise development experts, analysts, and technical specialists participate as speakers, moderators and attendees. Discuss and debate the issues that matter most to you with a diverse and knowledgeable group, and get immediately applicable skills that will improve your projects.

5. Best practice sharing: Spend time with hundreds of other Java professionals – Share best practices and take home practical advice that will make an immediate and measurable difference to your projects.

4. Industry-elite speakers: The speakers include well-known authors, consultants, trainers, and industry practitioners, selected for their knowledge of their specialties and their ability to convey that knowledge to Java developers at large. You’ll find them highly capable speakers and also easily approachable for individual questions.

3. The most relevant technologies: Prepare for the future of the Java platform with sessions and demos on the up-and-coming frameworks, applications and platforms. Find the tools that you’ll be using tomorrow to build the next generation of applications.

2. Networking opportunities at every turn: Get solutions to your challenges, share ideas and capitalize on the collective expertise of TheServerSide.com community. Join us for evening events, participate in Ask the Expert discussion groups, and engage with your peers in and out of sessions.

1. 100% Money-Back Guarantee. We aren’t trying to be all things to all people by cramming unrelated technologies into a single event. We’re 100% enterprise focused for serious Java developers. And because we’ve put so much effort into designing the most valuable conference agenda to address today’s toughest challenges, we’re offering a 100% money-back guarantee on the price of admission if you’re not satisfied with what you take away from this invaluable educational experience.

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How to Convince Your Boss

Here are some great reasons to share with your boss to convince him or her that the Java Symposium is a smart investment:

  • Costing less than other industry conferences, and offering a speaker to attendee ratio of 1:10 and over 40 sessions, panels and keynotes, TheServerSide Java Symposium is by far the best value for your money.

  • TheServerSide Java Symposium is the only conference that offers a secular take on the key Java topics with no vendor or open source bias. We aim to give you well-rounded, in-depth information, so you can evaluate open source and vendor solutions in a practical way, and make an informed decision that works for your projects.

  • TheServerSide Java Symposium is the only Java conference exclusively focused on the enterprise. Each session is handpicked by the editorial staff of TheServerSide.com to provide valuable, useful information to enterprise Java developers and their teams. If you're an enterprise developer, TSSJS is your best chance to get your development queue on track, and keep it that way.

  • We have conference speakers who are the absolute top experts this industry has to offer. Pick the brain of the Java community's foremost experts - With a speaker to attendee ratio of 1:10, you have real opportunities to interact with the speakers you're here to see. Get answers to your specific questions and exclusive insight into the roadmaps of the technologies you use every day.

  • You're not worried about where the industry will be in 10 years, and you don't need a high-level academic explanation on the state of the market - You need real skills that will help you deal with today's real development challenges. TheServerSide Java Symposium gives development teams, and their managers, those skills to deal with new languages, emerging security threats, increasing performance demands and shifting data requirements.

  • Education helps project managers cope with today's IT realities: smaller budgets, fewer developers and looming deadlines. Attending TheServerSide Java Symposium is the most cost-effective way to obtain education, rather than spending months reading books and articles, or browsing websites.

  • Investing in employees' education is the best way to reward top employees, keep morale high, and show that the company is committed to people's growth.

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Bring a Group and Save

Save $1,500 when you come with a team. Contact your Delegate Relations Manager, Melissa Cote, to learn about special registration offers.